Monday, October 10, 2016

Grits Radio Show-0181-10-9-16-Dane In Jail

 So there has been a nutjob harassing WBCQ for a while now and he is where he belongs, IN JAIL

Enjoy our selection of Jail songs on our latest remote live show from Peppertree Campground in Eastford CT


CAJIDirector said...

Dane is NOT in jail; in fact he is not only free but has been acknowledged by the judge he met with as having the RIGHT to "contact Allan Weiner" with regard to the FEDERAL LAWSUIT I have filed in the District Court in Bangor, Maine.

I spoke to this judge on video camera after three days in jail based on FALSE COMPLAINTS OF HARASSMENT MADE UNDER OATH BY ALLAN HORATIO WEINER AND BARBARA ANN WEINER (plus additional LIES told to the Aroostook County, Maine Sheriff's Department by LARRY WILL AND SCOTT BECKER) which formed the basis for a 'protective order', which Dane (me) did NOT violate ... attorney Pickering actually got the bail amount lowered from the $250. which ALLAN WEINER actually asked for (according to the judge!), to $100. ... Skip Gray, the bail man, even waived payment of the $60. bail fee that he usually gets for doing his job, probably because Mr. Gray knew that EVERYONE HAD MESSED UP ON ARRESTING ME. Brad : I don't know you but have always enjoyed Grits Radio. So far I have heard most of the recording from 'October 2, 2016' and you were at least somewhat smart enough to avoid saying anything defamatory against me during the radio program ... HOWEVER you are still liable (and will lose your Blogger/Blogspot account which is owned by GOOGLE, INC. along with any associated MediaFire account just for calling me a "nutjob" ... without ever having even met or even having spoken to me once. Larry Will 'will' be losing his internet service provider soon, so SPLATTERBOX is going down the proverbial vacuum / sewerage tubes, along with it ALLAN WEINER'S WBCQ, WBCQ-FM and other INTERNET STREAMS, which form the BACKBONE of his operation; Michael Schaitman, if you are reading this, your NON-AUTOMATED CONSOLE OPERATOR JOB (and General Manager of WBCQ job!) will be waiting for you. Since Allan and Barbara continue to PERSIST in this DEFAMATION, LIBEL AND SHEER IDIOCY they will lose their entire radio station and maybe even the property it is on, as that property has been used for multiple forms of GROSS CHEAT AND MASS SWINDLE upon the public for many years : the Weiners have not paid income tax on any of the profits that they have made over the years, and have been DEFRAUDING THE PUBLIC WITH FALSE PROPAGATION REPORTS FOR MANY YEARS, as we at CAJI have documented very fully. SEE YOU ALL IN COURT! ... Sincerely, : Dane Eric; Gross, Host : Hour Of The Time ['HOTT'] (formerly hosted by William Cooper) and The Road To Paradise radio program, Director of the Citizens' Agency for Joint Intelligence (CAJI) ...

Greg Brown said...
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Test Site said...

Mr. Blog moderator,

PLEASE REMOVE the above comment which includes my personal information. This was not posted by me, but by an imposter seeking to harass or perhaps even endanger me and my family by inserting my name and contact information into this ongoing mess, which I knew nothing about until being contacted about the above comment early this morning. I have nothing to do with it, and don't want anything to do with it.

Thank you, from the REAL
Greg Brown

bradread1 said...

Sorry about that Greg Brown.
Removed it as soon as i saw it.