Sunday, March 25, 2018

Grits Radio Show-258-3-25-18-Comcast Sucks

Grits Radio Show-258-3-25-18-Comcast Sucks !

Internet,Cable and phone issues due to Comcast  equipment fail, we had to use our phonium hot spot to do this show,in addition we had to set up like we were in a campground. this issue has been going on for months,they refuse to fix the issue on the pole, you can see wires broken and dangling.
at least a 1/2 dozen comcast employees have been SENT TO THE HOUSE, not to mention the phone calls
anyways, the steadfast crew at grits gets er done for ya.

thanks for the  shitty service that costs almost 3k a year!
and by the way........FUCK YOU COMCAST

mediafire :


Enjoy !! Brad n Val