Saturday, March 28, 2009

Speedy West Interview

More for ya JimE !!

I've trawled the tape archives in the tower of sound here & found for you a Speedy West interview sent to me by the girl who ran the Speedy West fan club in the 50's, she was also an old girlfriend of Gene O'Qinn & had some great stories!

I think the interview must be from 1979 or 1980 as he speaks of Jimmy Bryant being still alive but stricken with Cancer, JB died in 1980 so I think this came from this time

There were music clips that were spliced out, I've been meaning to try to edit them back together, but it's been on the back burner ever since I got this tape!

I don't think this is available anywhere but enjoy!
I don't know what happened to this link but it got mixed up w/ something else.
It has been re-posted to the correct file . sorry about that .

Link :


Mike N said...

Are you sure this is the right link? I downloaded an expletive ridden podcast with lots of racial epithets. Please check the link.

It's Uncle Jim said...

Hey, I was excited to see that a rare Speedy West interview was available here ... but something got lost in translation because this is NO Speedy West interview! Couldya check your archives again for us fans? Thanks!

bradread1 said...

oops sorry about that guys .
don't know what happened but i re-posted it for ya.

It's Uncle Jim said...

Uh ... try it again? The above link is for "The Giant Rat of Sumatra."

bradread1 said...

missed it by that much.all set

C W Seper said...

Cool. Much thanks.

SWingB said...

Link is deader than a door nail - any chance of a reup & new link please? Thanx in advance!